Outdoor therapy sessions in Paris with Anastasia Piatakhina

Outdoor therapy sessions with Anastasia Piatakhina Giré

To learn more about health benefits of movement:

Do you feel stuck at your desk or in your life?

Are you often bored and easily irritable?

Do you feel stressed and fidgety?


Moving our bodies is one way to help move our minds – just as, in turn, our emotions and thoughts can impact our physical wellbeing. Movement helps to “unstuck” when confronting the inner conflicts and difficult issues.


Exercise is a natural aspect of being human. It allows us to resolve, to work out, our worries, concerns. Doing so as a shared activity, alongside a qualified counsellor, can also become an active path towards resolution of relational conflicts as well.

I am a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist and hold the European Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy and the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP). I am now based in Paris where I offer long term and short term therapy. I practice in Russian, English, French and Italian: www.expatstherapy.com

An Expat myself, I am passionate about fellow travellers, Expats. I also believe that hardship of a life away from home and family brings specific psychological challenges.

I offer therapy through Skype for globetrotters and those who do not find the right psychological service in situ.

I am currently doing my doctorate (DPSYCH) at Middlesex University, London. My research interests are evolving around clinical work with displaced individuals and practicing relational therapy online.

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Why Walk & Talk

​Walking alongside a client – is in my view a strong metaphor to what therapy ultimately is. We do walk alongside, as Irvin Yalom puts it - as ‘fellow travellers’.

Walking therapy can be highly energizing and empowering for everybody, but is particularly beneficial in dealing with such issues as anxiety, depression, overweight, self-esteem and body-image related problems.

I am inspired by the experience of a New York based counsellor and friend Clay Cockrell who has been “taking therapy off the couch” for almost a decade:  http://www.walkandtalk.com/index.html

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We can meet for a one hour Walk & Talk session during your lunchtime, or after work.


My outdoor therapy sessions are in Ile-aux-Cygnes, Paris 15-16.

Meeting point is the Statue of Liberty (access from the Pont de Grenelle).


Contact me to set up our free initial phone or Skype conversation:

+ 33 7 89681702